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Swimwear show at Beijing Fashion Week
Hong Kong Film Awards
A swimming pool special for babies
Baby panda celebrates the birthday
Chinese stars hand out free condoms in Thai red light area
Lottery winners get second chance in Shaanxi
Group ceremony for 102 couples in Qingdao
Stephen Chow's kong fu to hit Mainland cinemas
Lion-tiger hybrid cub dies 72 hours after birth
Artificial beauty
World beauties glamour Beijing
New pandas welcomed at Washington zoo
Street dance popular among China's youth
The 15th Taiwan Golden Melody Award
Tour To Great Waterfall
Tiger exhausted during Golden Week
Miss Kites got together in Wei Fang
Zhang Ziyi appears in HK
The wedding ceremony show in Zhengzhou
Rickshaw wedding
Liu Hai-roh appears in HK after recovery
The fourth China professional fashion models competition
Super swine on display
Panda Mei Sheng tests his tree-climbing skill
Siamese twins
Plastic Surgery
Clay figure
Getting personal
Pandas quarantined
American granny finds paradise in Chengdu
A tiger from Xi'an Zoo is on move to the newly-built wildlife park in a village of Shaanxi Province.
Panda Coming Back
Giant panda Hua Mei born overseas back home
Yang wows young fans
Twin doll store
Black geese
Anita Mui
Two white tiger
Festival carnival
Lovely kids
Beauty in Xi'an
Make up
Santa band

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