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  Family of three died of bird flu in Azerbaijan
  Bird flu expands in Africa, Asia
  Deadly bird flu strain reported in Cameroon
  WHO: Bird flu bigger challenge than AIDS
  India confirms first bird flu cases in poultry
  Officials urge calm over EU bird flu outbreak
  Azerbaijan reports bird flu outbreak in wild birds
  Indonesian woman dies of bird flu
  Local tests show two Indonesian women have bird flu
  Deadly bird flu found in Nigeria
  Bulgaria finds more dead swans, tests for bird flu
  Tally of human bird flu cases rises to 160
  Study: Bird flu biggest current worry
  Iraq tests for bird flu after girl dies in north
  Donors' meeting opens in Beijing to fight bird flu
  WB expects US$1b pledged for bird flu control
  Turkey fights bird flu outbreak, new death probed
  Suspected bird flu case in Germany cleared
  77 Japanese infected with mild form of bird flu
  Bird flu transmission to humans may be frequent: study
  Human bird flu cases reach Turkish capital
  EU identifies Turkey bird flu type as lethal H5N1
  Turkey reports two human cases of bird flu
  Four children tested for possible bird flu in Turkey
  Ukraine lifts state of emergency in bird flu-affected area
  Vietnam's central province announces bird flu return
  Indonesia confirms two more bird flu deaths
  Indonesia says 8-year-old boy died of bird flu
  US using live viruses to create nasal vaccines against bird flu
  Local tests show Indonesian man died of bird flu
  Southeast Asia eyes network for bird flu drug
  Ukraine's bird flu outbreak expands to 12 Crimean villages
  China to help ASEAN countries in fighting bird flu
  Roche licenses China firm to produce Tamiflu
  Greece urges coordination in fighting possible bird flu pandemic
  Bird flu kills Thai boy; reports paint bleak picture in US
  New bird flu outbreaks reported in Vietnam; Thai boy dies
  Romania confirms new bird flu cases in poultry
  Bird flu not spread by wild migrants-green group
  Indonesia confirms new case of human bird flu
  Vietnam holds bird flu drill, Australia to follow suit
  Vietnamese boy infected with bird flu
  Indonesia confirms 12th human case of bird flu
  Authorities slaughter chickens close to site of bird flu infection in Jakarta
  Singapore steps up efforts to keep bird flu out
  Outbreak of bird flu detected in Indonesia
  Mutated strain of bird flu found in Cambodia
  Vietnam reports another bird flu case, tourists banned from infected areas
  Lessons from 1918 flu to help tackle future pandemic - US scientist
  Vietnam reports suspected bird flu fatality
  US bans British Columbia poultry after bird flu find
  Bird flu attacks two more Vietnamese localities
  Indonesia confirms 2 more deaths from bird flu
  Vietnam finds new strains of bird flu viruses
  EU says Indonesia needs help to fight bird flu
  Japan announces plan to cope with birdflu outbreak
  Chugai says two deaths have possible Tamiflu link
  Vietnam detects new suspected human bird flu case
  Bird flu virus in Vietnam mutates - report
  Kuwait has Mideast's first bird flu case
  Experts wonder if bird flu can be wiped out
  World Bank seeks $1b war chest for bird flu
  Japan to cull 170,000 more chickens
  Vietnam confirms 42nd bird-flu death
  Bird flu kills Vietnamese man - official
  China, Vietnam report new bird flu cases
  US, France, China jump-start bird flu efforts
  Inside the race to find vaccine for avian flu
  Thailand rules out bird flu infection in zoo
  World must unite to fight flu - health minister
  Fresh bird flu case in China, India on alert
  EU expands anti-bird flu measures
  Hungary bird flu vaccine effective - health minister
  UN expert says bird flu "deeply embedded" in Asia
  Thailand confirms 13th bird flu death
  Greeks find no new bird flu cases
  US health official pledges aid in fight against bird flu
  Greece finds strain of bird flu in a turkey
  As Europe braces for bird flu, WHO concentrates on SE Asia
  Romania culls poultry as EU braces for bird flu
  US health secretary winds up bird flu trip to Asia
  Resistance to Tamiflu seen in Vietnam bird-flu case
  Ten under bird flu watch in Indonesia hospital
  Viet Nam on frontline of bird flu fight
  Indonesia urges calm over bird flu threat
  EU warns against unilateral moves to fight bird flu
  Malaysia on bird flu alert, poultry shares down
  Indonesia put on high alert over bird flu
  Deadly bird flu confirmed in Romania
  Europe grapples with bird flu issue
  European experts to hold bird flu crisis talks
  Lethal bird flu hits Turkey; Europe on alert
  US researchers developing faster, tougher bird flu vaccine
  Europeans gird to check spread of bird flu
  South Korea to advise farmers against bird flu
  Romania, Turkey on high alert over bird flu
  Indonesia says bird flu found in boy
  Int'l conference plots fight against bird flu pandemic
  Indonesian man dies of bird flu, says hospital
  Asian ministers agree to fight bird flu

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