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China marks 60th anniversary of war victory
60th war anniversary celebrated
Liberation of Japanese concentration camp marked
China mark 60th anniversary of Japan surrender
Japanese mourn war victims in Nanjing
Hu: China marks war to promote peace
The 60th anniversary of the end of WW II.
Hu Jintao visits veteran soliders
Massacre remembered
Red Square parade marks WWII victory
60th anniversary of end of World War II
Japan demanded to apologize and compensate massacre victimes
Japan court refuses to compensate victims
Nanjing massacre victims remembered
Nanking Massacre victims memorized
"Mopping-up" campaigns
Chinese killed by Japanese soldiers
Chinese buried alive
Crimes against Chinese women
Crimes against an old woman
Japanese soldiers used Chinese people as live targets
Japanese kills Nanjing youth
Japanese troops entering into Nanjing
Group leader killed in Hebei
Large numbers of Chinese killed in Hebei
Japan's "mopping-up" operations
Japanese troops took pleasure in murdering Chinese people and troops
700 Chinese killed in a single air raid
Japanese bombed railway station in Shanghai

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