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Constitution Amendment
Politburo members cast their votes
Wen Jiabao meets with press
Media Attention
Closing Session
NPC's 3rd presidium meeting
Until next year
CPPCC session concludes
Governors on development of northeast China
CPPCC annual session to close on March 12
Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao join panel discussion of the Army delegation
Liu Mingkang
Zhou Xiaochuan
CPPCC members discuss NPC reports
Government ministers
Banking sector reforms
NPC session hears reports
Hu Jintao joins NPC group discussions
Ushers in the Great Hall of the People
Constitution amendments explained
Women deputies celebrate the Women's Day
Amendment to CPPCC charter
Rejuvenating old industrial base in northeast China
China Daily staff reporting on the annual NPC meeting
Panel discussion at the NPC
Top leader meet HK and Macao chief executives
Li Zhaoxing at press conference
Hu joins Tibet group discussion
Tight security
Take a break
After the meeting
Second day meeting
State Development and Reform
Security tight for the NPC annual meeting
Nation focuses on NPC session
Opening session
Light moment
Books on Chinese laws
National Anthem
Listen to the work report
Dai Xianglong
Deputies from minority groups attend NPC session
NPC annual session
Bo Xilai
Work Report
Military delegates
Ethnic minority arrive

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