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APEC Meeting
  Hu urges Japan to face history, not war shrine
  APEC leaders agree to advance economies
  President Hu: We support battling terrorism
  APEC leaders want to revive world trade talks
  Hu Jintao meets Koizumi
  APEC's importance never greater
  Chinese appreciates US opposition to "Taiwan independence"
  China, US agree to resolve Korean nuclear issue by peaceful means
  Chinese, New Zealand leaders meet to further bilateral ties
  Hu meets Singaporean PM on Taiwan, bilateral ties
  Hu asks South Korea to recognize China's market economy status
  Hu, Bush commit to healthy, strong relationship
  Chile police clash with summit protesters
  APEC backs WTO action
  China pledges to fight against terrorism, corruption
  APEC leaders to put more zip into WTO talks
  Hu, Bush to hold summit meeting this month

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