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Annan: UN needs representation of developing countries
Updated: 2005-04-22 14:53

JAKARTA, April 22 (Xinhuanet)-- UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan here Friday called for strengthening the representation of developing countries in the United Nations.

Speaking at the Asian-African Summit which opened here Friday morning, Annan said, "If we are to make our world fairer, freer and safer for all its inhabitants, the institutions of the United Nations should reflect the world of 2005, not 1945 -- particularly the Security Council."

He said, "I believe the time is approaching when the Member States should take a decision to make the Council more representative, including by strengthening the representation of developing countries."

He said two new inter-governmental bodies should be created: a Peacebuilding Commission which would bring together the various actors involved in helping countries move from war to lasting peace, and a Human Rights Council in which states from all regionswould participate.

He said the success of this agenda depends heavily on those present, the leaders of three quarters of the world's population. "For the sake of your peoples, this is a time to be creative and bold," he stressed.

The UN chief said, "Let us honor Bandung by reviving its great spirit. Let us make 2005 a true turning point for the developing world, and for the United Nations."

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