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Yao Ming wannabe is 1.78-metre 10-year-old
(China Daily)
Updated: 2004-02-23 16:44

A 1.78-metre-tall 10-year-old boy in Beijing wants to be a professional basketball player like Chinese NBA star Yao Ming, Beijing News reports.

Tian Chuan, a grade-five student at Zhongguancun No 3 Primary School, began basketball training on Saturday under Wang Fei, the former coach of the national basketball team.

Explaining the mystery of the boy's height, Zhou, Tian's mother, said he was a big baby at birth, weighing 5 kilograms, and is expected to grow at least 2 metres tall according to his bone structure.

Considering the boy's interest in basketball, Zhou enrolled him at Wang Fei Basketball Training Centre.

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