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Lei Feng becomes online game hero
(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2006-03-15 15:14

Lei Feng is no longer a hero only in real life. He is also the hero of an online video game. To do good deeds, as many as you can, is the trick for passing each level in the online game starring Lei Feng, the Nanfang City Daily said.

The game, so-called "Learn from Lei Feng," has become very popular among many Guangzhou students as of recent.

Hard work, a plain life and willingness to help others are the game's themes, which is very different from most other online games.

"For beginners, sewing and mending socks is the only way to increase experience and to upgrade," said Jiao Jian, a six-grade pupil in Yuexiu District, quoted by the newspaper.

"Every time you are promoted to a higher level, your clothes will become more average," he said. "You have to do good deeds in order to upgrade, such as contributing and volunteering on building sites. The more you do, the better and higher you get. Thus boosting your reputation."

The game also sets up tasks like a treasure hunt, which can be found in many online games. But the treasure here is a copy of Chairman Mao's Collection, unlike the usual swords or jewels.

"It's a novel idea, very interesting." Jiao said.

He also said he likes to battle against the secret agents mainly. "Sometimes the enemy was very strong. The fight almost exhausted me, so I would go to talk with the Party secretary to replenish my vitality at once."

"As long as my experience, reputation, skill and loyalty satisfy the game's criteria, I will win and meet Chairman Mao," Jiao noted. "I still have several tasks to go through. I will 'work hard' and strive to obtain the Chairman's autograph as soon as I can."

He added that many of his classmates also loved playing the game, because it is different from the online games they normally played. While playing they learn many things about Lei Feng firsthand.

The developer said the game aims at today's students', providing them with the tools to learn the pleasures of helping others, the Daily said, without revealing the company name.

Lei Feng is one of the most resilient icons in China. At 20, he joined the People's Liberation Army and allegedly spent all his spare time and money helping the needy. After he died more than four decades ago at the age of 22, he became a national hero from his selflessness and noble-mindedness. Late Chinese leader Mao Zedong proclaimed the nation should commemorate Lei Feng every March 5.

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