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Xiao Changyan
2006-03-10 08:38

In spring, thoughts turn to love -- and to wedding plans. New couples begin looking for graceful wedding dresses, beautiful accessories and unique gifts. Here are some ideas for the future bride and groom.

As more and more brides decide to have their wedding dresses tailor-made instead of renting or buying ready-made clothes, wedding dress studios are springing up in Beijing. Customers can enjoy the one-to-one service, and can take part in the designing of their own dresses. The average price is 2,000 to 3,000 yuan (US$247-370) But if you choose a famous brand or designer, the price can soar above 5,000 yuan (US$617). For instance, 10,000 yuan (US$1,235) is the usual charge by famous designer Mark Cheung, whose studio is located in 798 factory, Dashanzi area. A wedding dress needs to be ordered two or three months before the wedding.

But many studios don't provide an ordering service for the bridegroom. The tailoring of a man's wedding suit is much more complicated and there is a higher demand on the cloth quality. The general price for a good tailored man's wedding suit is usually 8,000 yuan (US$988).

If your wallet is not fat enough, Beijing Photographing Equipment City is a must-see place. Located at the south of Ji Mei Furniture City by the Western Fourth Ring Road, the market may have the cheapest chic wedding dresses in Beijing. The prices of the wedding dresses there range from 300 to 1,000 yuan (US$37-123).

Although the cloth quality is not always the best, the style is rather fashionable. One shortcoming is that there are no fitting rooms. The dress has to be tried on behind the curtain held by the saleswomen.

Beautifully packed candies can be ordered for all the guests. There are a few shops that provide individualized candies for new couples, each piece a delicate handicraft. One interesting variety is made like a big flower, you can wear it and taste the candy hidden in petals. The price is not expensive, about 1.5 yuan (US$0.2) for a small bag.

Personalized wine is another popular item for the ceremony. The newlyweds' names and portraits are printed on the bottles.

(China Daily 03/10/2006 page17)


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