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2006-03-10 08:38

Fresh air for feet

New Nike Air Max 360 sports shoes were released last month in Beijing, in conjunction with a retrospective exhibition featuring the three decades of the cushioning history. The new shoes are consistent with the air infilling practice the designers created 17 years ago to provide cushioned protection to feet and ankles. The new series now are available in department stores.

Hair loss no more

Pantene, the famous international shampoo brand, recently released its new series of hair loss prevention products. According to company investigation, Asian hair is thinner than western hair and the problem of hair loss is more serious. The new series, with Vivian Chow as the image ambassador, is said to be made with a secret recipe with Multiflower Knotweed and other elements.

More about the head

Kerastase, the leading international brand of hair care, last week announced its new Specifique range catering to specific hair and scalp problems.

A complete collection of targeted solutions aims to balance the users' scalp. The new collection deals with problems such as an over-active scalp prone to oiliness, dehydrated scalp prone to dandruff, hair loss prevention and sensitive or stressed scalp. Using technologically advanced ingredients, the collection claims to help keep hair and scalp naturally clean and beautiful.

Colour the walls

After a half year, Nippon Paint Life Colour Experience Activity opened the curtain this spring. As more consumers become interested in painting colourful walls instead of the traditional white walls at home, the activity attracted many designers. Li Zhengbin, the chief designer of Banyan Past Studio, won the best paint-effect award, while Yao Yihua from Guangzhou Star Decoration Company and Li Ming from Beijing Yaguangya Decoration Group won the best paint-using award.

(China Daily 03/10/2006 page17)


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