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Overseas Chinese denounce Chen's secessionist remarks
Updated: 2006-02-27 16:06

Overseas Chinese in the United States on Sunday denounced the recent remarks of the leader of Taiwan authorities on abolishing the "National Unification Council" and "National Unification Guidelines," saying such acts with a secessionist nature would damage the fundamental interests of Taiwan compatriots.

Chuen Hsiung Hua, president of the New York Association for Peaceful Unification of China (NYAPUC), opened a symposium here aimed at voicing the Chinese community's opposition to recent activities of the Taiwan authorities which have backtracked on its past promises on cross-Straits relations.

In the meantime, symposiums with similar themes were also held by the San Francisco Association for Peaceful Unification of China in northern California and by the Los Angeles Coalition for Peaceful Unification of China in southern California, in a move by the Chinese community across the United States to express their indignation at and condemnation of such degressive acts of the Taiwan authorities, said Hua.

After visits to the mainland by leaders of some major parties on the island province last year, relations across the Straits have improved with deepening trade contacts and frequent personnel exchanges, Hua said.

The Taiwan authorities, however, turned a deaf ear to the reality and attempted again to instigate conflicts both inside the island and across the straits, Hua added.

By doing so, Chen Shui-bian is aimed at strengthening his position within the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) at the cost of provoking tension in cross-Straits relations, Hua said, stressing that these attempts, which run counter to the wishes of Taiwan compatriots, will only make himself even more isolated, bring instability to the region and damage the already flagging economy of the island province.

Like drinking poison to quench thirst, these attempts by the Taiwan authorities have no future and are doomed to failure, Hua said.

Andrew Kwan, editor-in-chief of Sing Tao Newspapers, warned that the moves by Chen Shui-bian, which came at a time when the DPP suffered a humiliating defeat in recent elections and Chen's approval rating fell to historic lows, constitute only the first step by the secessionists toward "independence."

Chen has totally discredited himself by breaching the promises he has made and by threatening to scrap the "National Unification Council" and "National Unification Guidelines," he added.

Tat C. Lau, vice-president of NYAPUC, said recent election defeats suffered by the DPP and low ratings for Chen have revealed the fact that the ruling authorities have lost the support of Taiwan compatriots.

Instead of focusing on addressing economic and social problems and catering to the needs of the people, the Taiwan authorities have tried desperately to hold onto power by playing a trick with the secessionist remarks, the vice-president said.

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