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Free Tangyuan feast for migrant workers
Updated: 2006-02-13 17:23

A migrant worker enjoys the free Tangyuan feast offered by Shenyang resident Li Dongsheng on February 12, the Chinese Lantern Festival in a local restaurant, Northeast China's Liaoning Province. Li Dongsheng, an unemployed Shenyang resident who feeds on savings from his previous business extends a citywide invitation to migrant workers in the city for a Tangyuan treat, free, on Chinas Lantern Festival. Li Dongpin, 46, planned a 200-seat Tangyuan feast, which cost him 2,620 yuan. However, due to poor advertising, the free festival feast, alleged Li, only received some 18 migrant laborers.
But with earnest goodwill to those local migrant rural laborers forced to spend the Lantern Festival away from their families, Li has decided to extend the free invitation for the next two days. [sina]

Li Dongsheng is upset with an unexpected lukewarm response from migrant workers to his good-will free Tangyuan treat. [sina]