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    Crystal Palace
Ye Jun
2005-12-30 10:03

TMSK Caf (), which opened last week on Chang'an Avenue, just next to Parksons Shopping Mall, is a marriage of the art of liuli (glazed glass) and international culinary arts.

TMSK stands for tou ming si kao, Chinese for "transparent thinking."

The caf is a pared down version of TMSK restaurant in Shanghai, the brainchild of Liuli Gongfang, a Taiwan liuli art workshop, the founders of which are husband and wife team Loretta Hui-shan Yang, a former Taiwan actress, and Chang Yi, a former Taiwan director. Yang is now a liuli artist.

The TMSK restaurant in Shanghai introduces liuli to everyday life. With its unique colour, form and ability to mesmerize, liuli has helped TMSK to become a highlight of Shanghai.

Decked out with 11 tons of liuli, TMSK Caf is almost a crystal palace. During the day, the grey tables, chairs and traditional Chinese black floor tiles reflect a certain coolness. The most wonderful sight however, comes in the evening, when the walls, pillars and bar turn into illuminated crystal spectra. This is especially true of one particular stretch of liuli wall, where the play of light and shadow and the reflection and refraction of light creates an illusory tunnel. Some of the wine glasses and tableware are also liuli works.

The menu at TMSK Caf is designed with the spirit of innovation that the founders bring to the Liuli Gongfang Workshop. The duo have been travelling through the world and experimenting with new foods. They have incorporated what they hope reflects modern China into the dishes, desserts and beverages. So you can expect zabaglione, or a tasty Chinese stir-fry dish in TMSK's own style.

(China Daily 12/30/2005 page7)


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