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Female master runs matchmaker website
Updated: 2005-12-29 16:32

She studied for four years at the Chinese Language Department of the prestigious Beijing University and got a bachelor's degree. Then she studied for three years for a master's degree at the Fudan University.

But after obtaining her master's degree in July this year, Gong Haiyan failed to find a job. Many work units refused her application because she runs a website to help single men and women to find their spouses.

Gong had won a fame as a matchmaker when she studied at the Beijing University. "I'm fond of helping single men and women to find their love," said Gong.

Gong said her grandmother is a famous matchmaker in areas with a radius of 50 kilometers from her hometown, a villager in central China's Hunan Province. So is her mother.

Although she herself is a matchmaker, Gong had been single until her graduation from the Fudan University this year.

"I used to browse the go-between websites trying to find a boy friend, but I dared not to have faith in the information on these websites," Gong said.

Gong found that many young people, especially those with a master's degree, remain single and need a channel to find their love. Two years ago, she launched her own website "Shijijiayuan"(Century Good Fate).

After failing to find a job this year, Gong devoted herself to helping others find their love at her won website.

Gong now employs more than 20 employees and most of them are full-time workers.

Currently, Gong's website has 280,000 members, 30 percent of whom are graduates and postgraduates. Website members need not to turn in fees.

Gong said her website makes profits from advertisements and organization of activities.

Gong said, members of her website should be at least a graduate of a junior college and all members should submit identity card and diploma as their personal credit materials.

The biggest reward Gong has obtained from being a matchmaker is that she meets her husband at her own website.

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