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    Charity sale of kids' paintings

2005-12-16 08:40

After a successful public charity donation called "Holding a loving heart while decorating the tree with benevolence" last year, Days Hotel & Suites Beijing and Regal Palace together with the Beijing Children's Hospital and the Beijing Health Foundation For Needy Children, plan to intensify support with a "Charity Sale of Children's Paintings." All paintings are awarded works from the Cross-Straits Children's Painting Competition together with three children's hospitals from Chinese mainland and Taiwan, including the Beijing Children's Hospital.

During the event, a "Heart-to-Heart" tree, with heart-shaped cards, will be placed in the hotel lobby. Each card is marked with a bed number of a sick child and the disease he or she is suffering from. If you want to encourage the child, you can choose a card and write down your wishes. A "love messenger" from the hotel will deliver them to children in the Beijing Children's Hospital.

In addition, a special counter has been set up in a kiosk to sell festival presents. The funds raised will be given to the Beijing Health Foundation For Needy Children.

A start-up event for the sale will be held in the lobby of Days Hotel & Suites Beijing at 10 am, December 15, 2005. And the whole event will last until January 16, 2006.

For more information on how to help call: 6773-1234 ext 3521 (Qu Li at Days Hotel & Suites Beijing) or 6805-7691 (Chen Kun at Beijing Health Foundation For Needy Children) or 6802-0376 (Wu Yuhong at Beijing Children's Hospital).

Fashion for charity

A special exhibition of clothes, silverwork and jewellery by local designers will be held at the Gen Zhi Women's Fashion to raise funds for the Maple Women's Psychological Counselling Centre, and the Star and Rain Autism Education Institute, two local non-profit organizations. Staff from both NGOs will be present to talk about their work and the direction of funds. The event aims to raise 20,000 yuan (US$2,469) by selling the exhibit items, including 10 per cent from the sale of jewellery and silverware. 10 am to 7:30 pm at 300A, 3/F, 11 Ritan Donglu from December 17 to January 31, 2006.

Tel: 8561-2891

E-mail: Athena@tanggallery. com

(China Daily 12/16/2005 page16)


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