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Updated: 2005-11-24 09:22

Bush spares Thanksgiving turkeys

感恩节将至 布什赦免火鸡

Bush spares Thanksgiving turkeys
President Bush pets the national Thanksgiving turkey Marshmallow during a ceremony pardoning the turkey in the Old Executive Office Building, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2005.

President Bush spared two turkeys from becoming Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, the birds are going to Disneyland.

Thousands of people voted on the White House Web site to name the national turkey "Marshmallow" and an alternate called "Yam."

At a ceremony Tuesday, Bush peered into Marshmallow's eyes, stroked its white fluffy feathers and patted its red head.

In years past, turkeys spared in presidential ceremonies were sent to live at a local farm.

This year, the turkeys will be honorary grand marshals at Disneyland's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

"I know Marshmallow and Yam are going to feel pretty good strutting around sunny California, remembering the cold days of Minnesota," Bush said.

The turkey ceremony, which usually is held in the Rose Garden, was moved inside to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Vice President Dick Cheney looked on as Bush talked of giving thanks for the generosity extended to the victims of the Gulf Coast hurricanes and for U.S. troops serving abroad.

"We think of our military families who will have an empty seat at the table this Thanksgiving," he said.

Later in the day, Bush, his wife, Laura, and two daughters, Jenna and Barbara, left to celebrate the holiday at their Texas ranch.

"Happy Thanksgiving," Bush called out as he headed across the South Lawn to Marine One.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which in the past has been critical because presidential turkeys have been sent to a working farm rather than an animal sanctuary, praised the decision to send them to Disneyland.

















fluffy: soft and downy(绒毛似的;轻柔的)

strut: to walk with pompous bearing(昂首阔步)



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