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Chemical plant blast contaminates river
Updated: 2005-11-24 06:59

Polluted water in Songhua River reaches Harbin, the capital of northeastern Heilongjiang province November 24, 2005. A stretch of potentially lethally polluted river water headed towards one of China's biggest cities on Thursday after an explosion at a petrochemical plant. China said on Wednesday the blast had caused 'major pollution' in the Songhua River from which Harbin and home to nine million people, draws its drinking water. [newsphoto]

Dead fish can be seen in the Songhua River as the State Environment Protection Administration confirmed Wednesday that pollutants containing benzene and nitrobenzene contaminated the river after a chemical-plant blast at the upper reaches in Northeast China. An 80-kilometre swathe of polluted water was expected to reach the water-sourcing area of Harbin which was forced to cut off water supply for four days. [newsphoto]


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