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Nudity shoot for lovers emerges in Changchun
By Liu Dan (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2005-11-21 14:53

A nude photograph of a couple. [xwhb.net]

Some photo studios have begun to provide nude photo services for lovers and couples in Changchun, capital of Northeast China's Jilin Province. However, privacy concerns have posed a challenge for both the photographer and the clients.

To avoid tangling over the privacy issue, the photo studio will sign a secrecy contact before the shoot, arrange a "third" person on the scene, and destroy the negatives and damaged photos after the work is done for those clients open and brave enough to have the shoot.

To date, there is no law in China that prohibits taking nude photos, while the amount of nudity is under the control of the photographer and the photo takers. But as nude art is a serious body art, the posture and the baring parts are strictly regulated when photographing nudity.

The photographer suggests the photo takers be only partially nude. For example, the takers could use some accouterment to cover their private parts to express the implicit beauty.

Nude photo taking has been very popular abroad for many years. In China, where such photos are relatively new, there has been much discussion. Some old people view it as degenerative and think it reflects unhealthy mentalities.

But some young people think it is just another of the many signs of moral decay in modern society. Others riding the fence consider it as a personal behavior that others have no right to interfere in.

Zheng Lusheng from the Academy of Social Science of Jilin Province said: "The purpose of taking wedding photos is to share happiness with relatives and friends. But nude wedding photos cannot do this; after all it is an intimate thing. It also has another hidden trouble. Once the couples divorce, the two sides may hurt each other with the nude photos."


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