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Scholars convene to discuss sustainability
By Wang Zhenghua (China Daily)
Updated: 2005-09-06 06:19

More than 200 scholars from home and abroad gathered yesterday in Beijing to discuss ways for China to continue its sustainable development.

Former State leaders, invited to give speeches at the third 21st Century Forum, highlighted international co-operation as the world is confronted with environmental deterioration and energy shortage.

The forum opened yesterday and will end tomorrow.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao also made a speech on China's sustainable development.

"Countries should establish a fair and rational new international economic order," Wen said yesterday, as it is an important guarantee to realize global sustainable development.

He said that diversified methods should be explored to keep development sustainable and called for co-operation among nations.

He said: "Developed countries should undertake more international obligations, and transfer technologies that help conserve resources and protect the environment on preferential terms."

Several former leaders of foreign countries also underlined the teamwork among countries to implement development without causing damage to the environment.

"We must find ways to work effectively together, economically, politically and environmentally, to build a sustainable world of peace and prosperity for our children," former National Security Adviser to President of the United States Samuel Berger said yesterday.

He said China and the United States ought to take two tracks, innovation and co-operation, to produce a win-win relationship.

"By innovation, I mean welcoming competition as a challenge to do better ourselves rather than fearing competition as a threat to our well-being," Berger said.

Furthermore, the two powers have potential for partnership in areas including energy, environment and public health.

"We can view our energy interests as competitive or compatible," he said, and apparently the latter is better for the future both nations seek to build.

"We already co-operate on many fronts regarding the environment, but we need to do more to pull these efforts together and put them on a more strategic footing."

Burger also said the Sino-US teamwork in public health has been increasing, but he urged both parties to do more and build new levels of mutual trust in preventing future health catastrophes.

(China Daily 09/06/2005 page2)

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