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Hu: War remembered for peace, future
(China Daily/Xinhua)
Updated: 2005-09-03 08:57

The victory of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression was inseparable from the sympathy and support of all the peace- and justice-loving countries and peoples, international organizations and various anti-Fascist forces, said President Hu.

The Soviet Union was the first to provide invaluable aid to the Chinese people in the war. The United States gave significant support to China's war efforts.The United Kingdom, France and other countries provided China with economic aid or entered into military cooperation with China, according to the president.

Anti-Fascist fighters from Korea, Vietnam, Canada, India, New Zealand, Poland, Denmark, and from Germany, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria and Japan as well, directly took part in China's war of resistance, said the president.

In the last phase of the war, the Soviet Red Army marched into China's northeast battlefields and fought against Japan shoulder to shoulder with the Chinese military and civilians, thus speeding up the doom of Japanese aggressors.

"We will never forget those countries and foreign friends that rendered moral and material support to our war of resistance," he said.

"We will never forget those foreign friends who helped Chinese refugees during the Rape of Nanjing and other massacres," he said.

"We will never forget the American Flying Tigers who fought shoulder to shoulder with the Chinese military and opened up, at the risk of their lives, the Hump Route to deliver strategic supplies to China," Hu said.

In his speech, the president also thanked those foreign medical personnel who traveled long distances to China to help save lives and those foreign journalists who truthfully reported and publicized China's war effort.

The president said that China was also grateful to those foreign military advisors and others who contributed to China's victory of the war, in particular those Soviet Red Army soldiers who laid down their lives heroically in the battlefield of northeast China.

" Forever will the Chinese people remember the invaluable contributions made by people all over the world to the victory of China's war of resistance!" the president said.
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