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Gross abuses to women bared in Shenzhen cases
(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2005-09-02 09:10

Guangdong Province police have caught a total of nine suspects separately involved in the beating of a pregnant woman and the rape of two prostitutes in Shenzhen City, media reports said yesterday.

Luo Shuixiu, five month pregant, suffered a miscarriage following hours of beating by a shopping center staff who suspected her of stealting a shampoo. [sohu]

The woman, five months pregnant, suffered a miscarriage following hours of beating by a shopping center staff who suspected her of stealing a shampoo.

In the other case, three thugs inscribed abusive words on the forehead, breasts and back of two teenage females after kidnapping, blackmailing and raping them.

Reports said the two cases occurred in Shenzhen's Bao'an District in the middle of August.

On August 13, expectant mother Luo Shuixiu, 21, was shopping at the Dongfanghong store when shop employees suspected she had stolen shampoo.

About 6pm, they forced her into the office of manager Chen Pengfei.

15-year-old Tian Tian (alias) was tattooed on her forehead insulting words after being raped in Shenzhen. [sohu]

Chen, 41, and four shop employees beat her with insulated power lines and burned her leg with cigarette butts, among other abuses, officers said.

Police arrived after her family reported to them about 3am the next day.

When a battered Luo was rushed to hospital, doctors said the baby was already dead.

On August 11, a man took an 18-year-old woman, with an alias Fang Fang, from a hair salon to a rented house for sex.

But she wanted to leave when she found the dim-lit house suspicious.

The man and another male raped her. Then they stripped all her clothes, tied her up and told her to call her family in Hunan Province to mail 12,000 yuan (US$1,482) into an account.

Her mother told them the family was poor. The duo then beat Fang with a wooden club and knife.

The next day, they pierced her breasts with a needle and then dipped a needle into ink and inscribed words like "I'm a prostitute," "Loose woman" on her chest, thighs and back.

On August 13, a Henan Province girl, under the alias Tian Tian, 15, was brought to the same house where two males demanded 30,000 yuan after raping and tying her.

They cut insulting words on her forehead and created two whiskers with a needle dipped in ink.

On August 21, someone called police, who caught Zhang Zhongming, 27, at the scene and rushed the victims to hospital. A boy, Li Qiqian, 17, Bai Zhilin, 28, and a hair salon owner, Wang Fang, 31, were caught later.

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