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Marry me at first sight, will you?
Updated: 2005-08-28 09:43

It takes us only seconds to make a cup a coffee, minutes to write and send an email, just hours to cross a continent by air. Then why can't we decide to marry each other after we knew each other for 7 hours?

Mr. Tang and his bride Miss Huang are the epitome of the "lightening marriage", who decided to get married after chatting for 7 hours by mobile phone messages.

28-year-old Miss Huang works as a moderator for a mobile phone chatting room. She received Mr. Tang's phone call by chance and the two young people were attracted to each other at once, finally they decided to register their marriage after chatting for 7 hours, before even meeting each other.

Nowadays, more and more young people choose to get married in a short period after seeing each other.

Zheng Husheng, a marriage counseling expert notes that the traditional marriage was based on the financial abilities of the spouse, while nowadays, young people becomes more financial independent, which enables them to put love first when considering of marriage.

He also adds that people can't judge those young people as insensible. They usually have standards for their future lovers, and when they meet the right person, they just take their chances.