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Updated: 2005-08-26 09:19
Zhao Wei arrives in SZ with new album



Zhao Wei arrives in SZ with new album

Chinese singer and actress Zhao Wei will come to Shenzhen on Saturday to sign copies of her latest album "Double" for fans.

Zhao has said that she would like to put her part into both music and acting after she joined in the Viking company.

Zhao's previous album, "Piao," released late last year has had good sales with more than 500,000 copies sold so far -- helped by plenty of publicity from the 10 awards it lapped up.

On "Double," Zhao turns to rap, which she has never tried before.

Busy making films last year -- such as the popular "A Time to Love" -- Zhao has still managed to keep up her musical career. Her latest hit "Shang Guan Yan and Me," showcases her unique rap style. Zhao will promote her album at Shenzhen's Mix'c shopping center.  




hit : a conspicuous success(巨大成功)


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