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Cui Jian: Real, Live and Coming to Beijing
Updated: 2005-08-24 09:37

The press conference for Chinese rock singer Cui Jian's upcoming concert was held in Beijing on Monday afternoon.

Cui Jian at the press conference on August 22, 2005 [CRIENGLISH]
Cui Jian at the press conference on August 22, 2005 [CRIENGLISH]

It will be his first concert in Beijing for 12 years.   

When asked about whether his attitude and faith towards music have changed in these years, Cui said that his sceptical attitude to rock music still remains.   

He expressed that he attaches more importance to the essence of music nowadays, but not the form of music.   

He also expressed his delight for the successful result of the Live Vocals Movement which was initiated and organised by him.   The Live Vocals Movement appeals for actually singing and not merely lip-synching at commercial performances.   

The Commercial Performance Administrative Rules have been passed by the Ministry of Culture in July.   

His concert, entitled "Dream in the Sunshine", hits the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing on August 24.