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China to amend personal income tax law
Updated: 2005-08-16 10:00

China's top legislature, the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress (NPC) will deliberate on an amendment draft of the law on personal tax income during a six-day session which will begin on August 23.

The information was disclosed by the 35th NPC Standing Committee chairman and chairperson's meeting, which was presided over by Wu Bangguo on Monday.

According to the amendment draft of the law on personal income tax, the personal tax collection starting line will be increased so as to relieve the economic burden of middle and low-income groups.

Liu Jibin, vice chairman of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee (FEC) said on Monday that the current law on personal income tax, which was officially implemented in 1983, has played a significant role in regulating income allocation and increasing the country's tax revenues.

"However, with the constant economic development and the rapid improvement of citizen's living standards, the current law on personal income tax cannot meet the actual needs and should be amended," said Liu.

The draft law on animal husbandry will be also submitted to the 17th meeting of the 10th NPC Standing Committee for a first deliberation. The draft law on penalties for offences against public order, the draft law on notary services and an amendment draft of the law on women and children's rights protection will be voted on during the upcoming meeting, while the draft law on cooperation and the draft law on securities will be submitted to the upcoming session for a second deliberation.

Also during the session, the State Council will submit the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control,the Convention on Elimination of Discrimination in Respect of Employment and Occupation, the Treaty for Friendship, Cooperation and Good-Neighborly Relations between China and Pakistan and the treaty on mutual legal assistance in civil and criminal matters between China and Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), for deliberation and approval.

The enforcement reports of law on lawyers and law on production safety, as well as the report on the implementation of the national economy and social development plan of this year will also be discussed.

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