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Updated: 2005-08-15 09:50

Fly me to the moon? That'll be $100 million


Fly me to the moon? That'll be $100 million

A U.S. company said on Wednesday it wants to send two tourists on a trip around the moon at a cost of $100 million per ticket.

Space Adventures Ltd, which has already sent two civilians on separate trips into space, says it has researched and identified more than a thousand prospective customers with the necessary wealth for a moon shot as early as 2008.

"This is only the first step. Before we can land on the moon, we have to go around it," said Space Adventures' Chief Executive Officer Eric Anderson at a news conference.

The Arlington, Virginia, company plans to lead missions that will eventually land on the moon.

The trip around the moon would last between eight and 21 days, depending on whether the travelers make a stop at the International Space Station.

Potential customers already discussing the $100 million tickets include several Americans and one Briton, Anderson said.

Aside from wealth, potential moon travelers will need time to train for the mission and must meet health requirements.

Space Adventures and Russia's Space Agency, which is eager to attract extra funds, have sent two tourists into space -- U.S. businessman Dennis Tito and South African Mark Shuttleworth -- on week-long trips. They cost $20 million each, according to media reports.

Energiya, the Russian company that helps build and fly Moscow's spaceships, will build the equipment necessary for the round-the-moon mission. 













prospective: concerned with or related to the future(未来的;预期的)

shot: the launching of a missile or spacecraft to a specified destination(发射宇宙飞船;发射火箭)



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· Fly me to the moon? That'll be $100 million
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