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CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works (Gofront)

Updated: 2005-08-02 11:38

Established in 1936, Gofront Group (Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works) has become the main nationwide research and manufacture base of rail electric traction equipment, state large-scale enterprise, one of the industrial top 500 units and one of the 512 enterprises under state control. With ten thousand employees, among whom there are 3000 Sci-Tech staff, one member of National Machinery and Engineering Academy, 6 post-doctors, 30 masters, it covers 2.3 square kilometers and reaches total assets RMB 21.8 billion. ZELW is devoted to research and sale the high speed electric locomotive, metro car, urban transportation vehicle, motor train sets with total over 2700 "green power" products delivered domestically and abroad until now. ZELW takes more than 60% domestic market and keeps payoff 45 years, realizes sales income 10% increment for 25 years. ZELW passed ISO 9000 certification in 1996, ISO14000 certification in 2001 and OHSMS 18000 in 2002.

Since ZELW developed SS1, the first main line electric locomotive, in 1958, it has developed successfully 12 types of AC-DC drive electric locomotives as SS1 to SS9, TM1, DDJ1, etc, and motor cars, as well as six types of AC drive traction equipment as AC 4000, DJ, DJJ, "Blue Arrow", "Olympic Star" and "China Star" and EMU, which provides technical base for four speed-ups of Chinese railway and jumping development of rail transportation of China. SS3 dual-purpose locomotive was granted Gold Prize of State Excellent Products and Second Prize of State Sci-Tech Improvement. SS4 heavy load locomotive and SS8 were granted First Prize of State Sci-Tech Improvement. In Jun. 1998, SS8 created the highest speed as 240km/h on Beijing-Guangzhou Line ever in China Railway Traction. SS9 is the passenger locomotive with the highest power in China. AC4000 won the Tackling Prize of Key Sci-Tech of State "Eighth Five-year" Plan. TM1 locomotive became the first export of localized locomotives. DDJ1 was the first high-speed motor car with 200km/h.AC EMU power head "Blue Arrow" can finish one-way trip only in 55 minutes on Guangzhou-Shenzhen Line. In 2001, first localized AC drive locomotive, "Olympic Star", and power distributed EMU, "Zhongyuan Star", were successfully developed with their own knowledge proprietary.

Adhering to market orientation and relying on innovation of Sci-Tech and management, ZELW is incessantly forwarding its development. The main research and development unit, R&D Center of Rail Electric Traction, imposing resolution system by technical expert committee, owns nationwide first-rate modernized environment for research and development. Project responsibility system is conducted for wholesome management from project set-up to production of new products. ZELW has full co-operation with over 40 research and development units, universities, institutions and MNC, and in July of 2000, it set up post-doctoral station on advantage of CAE for cultivation of high-level persons in the rail electric traction field.

ZELW possesses modernized manufacture resources, such as the world largest final assembly station of electric locomotive, advanced bogie center, high-power traction motor center, traction and power transformer center, resin sand casting line, NC machining center with high-accuracy, welding robot, NC shearing, punching, bending and pressing lathe, etc. RMB300 million is invested by ZELW in 2002for one metro research and development base at international level.

In the new century, ZELW will keeps the high-tech strategy as the center, with technical innovation and enterprise organization innovation as power, to develop and improve in the further step, and try to explore the international market, to establish ZELW as the biggest manufacture enterprise in the world for rail traction equipment, through which makes the ZELW as a competitive brand in the world.

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