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Jodie Foster sweet on 'Sugar Kings'
Updated: 2005-07-28 09:26

JODIE FOSTER is returning to the director’s chair for the first time in 10 years with “Sugar Kings,” a drama in which she may also star.

The Universal Pictures project centers on a female lawyer, fresh out of law school, who teams with a veteran public-interest attorney to take on a powerful sugar baron on behalf of exploited migrant workers.

It is based on the Vanity Fair article “In the Kingdom of Big Sugar” by Marie Brenner, and the script is being written by Ned Zeman and Daniel Barnz.

The last time Foster directed a film was 1995’s “Home for the Holidays.” She made her feature directing debut in 1991 with “Little Man Tate.”

Foster was last on screen in 2004’s French-language “A Very Long Engagement.” She returns to theaters in September with the Disney thriller “Flightplan.”