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More equal education system expected in Shenzhen
(Shenzhen Daily)
Updated: 2005-07-20 17:07

A group of Shenzhen high school headmasters has called on the government to narrow gaps between schools and offer equal education opportunities to all students, by increasing education investment and balancing the allocation of education resources.

The move came after some high schools organized mass competitions to recruit the best junior school graduates by offering scholarships and other incentives. Some schools earmarked good teachers and education resources for top students to gain high marks in the National College Entrance Exams, to the detriment of the overall development of all students.

"Some schools are headed in the wrong direction. High marks don't mean good quality. A new education appraisal system is badly needed to promote better quality education and to assess school quality," said Yang Zunzheng, a department chief of Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau, at a recent meeting.

In Futian, Nanshan and Luohu districts, budgeted education inputs accounted for nearly one-third of the schools' total expenditure in 2004. But spending of this money was unbalanced. "Key" schools received more funding than low quality schools, resulting in an increasing gap between schools in the quality of their teachers and students.

Although the government had adopted the schooling-according-to-neighborhood principle to guarantee equal education chances for all children, the policy was not effectively implemented because some schools tried to attract top students from other neighborhoods through selective tests of different forms.

Yan Xiaopei, vice mayor of Shenzhen, said the government would increase investment, especially in township and village schools, to help narrow the gap between schools, and would computerize the allocation of school places to avoid conflicts.

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