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New rules still curb students' pre-marital sex
By Jiao Xiaoyang (China Daily)
Updated: 2005-07-18 05:32

"Universities are supposed to educate students and be fair. In some cases a university needs to administer and discipline student affairs but such power should be authorized by the education authorities and should not be at odds with the law," Wu said.

The draft disciplinary codes are an answer to the Ministry of Education's reform of university administration. The ministry issued a set of provisions on administration in higher educational institutions at the end of March, and required all universities and colleges to revise their administrative codes before September.

The new decree scrapped a decade-old ban on student marriage, under growing challenges over the constitutionality of such a ban. But it did not touch on the issue of sex.

It also requires universities to "be factually accurate and just in procedure" in punishing students.

"The new decree removes punishment articles that do not have a legal basis or are vague about the nature of punishable deeds It will help reduce the randomness, uncertainty and unpredictability of punishment," said Lin Huiqing, director of the ministry's Student Affairs Department, in March.

"It is inappropriate to define students' sexual activities as something detrimental to a university's public interest and order and to impose punishment for it," said Wu.

"Such disciplinary policies are not commensurate with the high reputation Fudan enjoys as a leading university in our country."

China's Marriage Law puts the legal age for marriage at 22 for men, and 20 for women.

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