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Yao Ming predicts 2008 medal glory
By Chen Xiangfeng (China Daily)
Updated: 2005-07-14 05:59

Yao also brings home fans his first film "The Year of the Yao", which will be screened publicly in Beijing from today.

"The Year of the Yao" tries to give people a look at the man behind the gentle giant during his first season as a pro, with close access to him at home, on the road, in the locker room and trying out North American delicacies like Taco Bell. What emerges is that Yao is a fascinating individual with great humour and modesty, as well as the potential to be one of the greats.

But Yao would rather see it as a document.

"I did not intend to act a film or even publish a book about myself at the beginning. I don't feel comfortable doing such thing at such a young age. In China, books are published about martyrs or people's lives. I am not a martyr and I am also not old enough to write the story of my whole life,'

"But the producers changed my mind, telling me it is the best record of experience. After a dozen years, the film and book will offer a more detailed memory. So I decided to do the film.

"But I do not have to act a role according to a script. I just do what I do every day. They recorded my daily life, including training and competition, and then edited it."

When asked if he will go to the theatre to see the film, Yao said it is not realistic.

"It is impossible for me to see a film in public. So I think I will buy a pirate DVD," said Yao, joking. "But I ask you to go and see my film. The more people who go to the theatre, the more money I will earn."

Yao will next appear in the "Basketball without Borders Asia", a charity-themed activity organized by the NBA, which starts today.

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