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Notorious BBstars assemble
Updated: 2005-07-06 11:27

Notorious trio of BBstars Muzimei (L), Sister Furong (C), Han Zhenzhen attend a promotional event held by a widely-known Chinese blog service company in Beijing, July 5, 2005. Media circus highlighting alternative individuals who are usually of a sharp personality and odd behaviours draws intense attention from the general public, as stirs heated discussion of the newly-emerged phenomenon of the BBstar, short for the BBS star. [newsphoto]

Muzimei shot to her notoriety overnight as she publicized her explicit sex experiences on her own blog, which attracted numerous hits. [newsphoto]

Sister Furong, a 28-year-old average-looking Shaanxi native, who brazenly posted her mincing photoes adorned by affected words all accolade of her unique beauty on a online BBS, is becoming a "big name" clinching headlines of the entertainment sections of newspapers throughout the nation. [newsphoto]

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