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Powell: China not military threat to US
Updated: 2005-06-14 16:53

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said in Bangkok on Monday, June 13 that China is not a military threat to the United States.

He also urged Beijing to do a better job explaining the benefits of cheap Chinese imports to American consumers.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell gestures during his speech as a keynote speaker at the Asia Leadership Forum at a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand Monday, June 13, 2005. [AP]
Speaking to delegates at a business conference in Bangkok, Powell said China's increasing spending on its military does not make it a threat to the United States.

"The threat comes from the capability to execute these plans and the intention to do so," he said. "My analysis in the last four years is that China has no such intention. China wishes to live in peace with its neighbors and the U.S."

Tension between China and the U.S. has escalated in recent days over a trade dispute on Chinese textile imports.

On Monday, Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi criticized America's recent decision to impose a 7.5 percent cap on the increase in Chinese textiles this year before talks could resolve the disagreement.

Powell said China "needs to make its case."

"China needs to do a better job to explain to the U.S. public how U.S. consumers will benefit from quality goods coming in at low costs," he said.

Dialogue best solution to disputes

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell said in Hong Kong on Tuesday, June 14 that the sound Sino-US relations will not only benefit the two countries, it is also important to the rest of the world.

He made the remarks while delivering a keynote speech at the Luncheon held at the two-day 38th International General Meeting of the Pacific Basic Economic Council that will close later Tuesday.

He said the United States and China not only have a strategic partnership, but also have a complement relation.

The Sino-US trade and economic cooperation also benefits American people and helps create job opportunities in his country, he admitted.

On the Sino-US textile disputes, he said, the US has also had some trade disputes with other countries. The most important thing is to sit down and jointly probe solutions.

Powell, who stepped down from the US secretary of state early this year, said his experience in handling relations with China during his terms of office is that disputes could only be solved with dialogues and negotiations.

He said he is glad to see the rise of China and China should keep its economic growth for affording a population of 1.3 billion.

Powell said the Chinese are great people and they must work hard to earn the living for 1.3 billion people.

He believed that though China has been on the track of fast economic growth and military development, it dose not present threat to the US. What's more, China's military expenditure is far less than that of the Pentagon.

Look ahead, there are many challenges and opportunities for the Asian countries and the region, Powell said, urging the Asian countries and the region to seize the good opportunities for their economic development.

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