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Updated: 2005-06-10 10:12

Madonna's message: money can't buy happiness


Madonna's message: money can't buy happiness
U.S. music superstar Madonna tries to silence the press as she holds up a copy of her newest children's book entitled 'Lotsa De Casha' at a reading and book signing event in New York June 7, 2005.

Take it from Madonna, the self proclaimed "Material Girl," money can't buy happiness.

That's quite a lesson from the 46-year-old pop diva, whose fifth children's book in the past 18 months "Lotsa de Casha," hit store shelves this week.

"Lotsa was by far the richest man in the country. He had everything that money could buy," is the opening line of her latest book. "But there was a teeny, tiny problem. No matter how much money Lotsa de Casha made, he wasn't happy."

The short book concludes with the moral, "When you learn to share, you will not only find happiness. You will also find a friend."

Renowned as much for her catchy dance anthems "Vogue" and "Ray of Light" as she was for cavorting on stage in a partially disrobed wedding gown some 20 years ago performing "Like a Virgin" on MTV, Madonna Ciccone Ritchie said she's left some of her old antics behind and is all grown up now.

"I'd like to think I've been evolving and transforming my whole career, I grew up," she told Reuters in an interview.

"The media likes to say it's just another one of my guises,' she said of her career as an author. "But it's much more deep and profound than that."

Madonna the singer is known as a chameleon, morphing from sexy outfits and suggestive lyrics to Eastern mysticism and Judaism. Similarly, Madonna the writer has penned a series of books which barely resemble each other.

A different illustrator was hired for each of the five slim volumes. But they are all anchored by the same message, she insists: "Nothing is what it seems."

Her intended audience and some critics might agree.

A book reading at a New York bookstore on Tuesday drew puzzled responses from the group of about 25 kids, who appeared to have difficulty grasping the book's morals.

"I think she makes the same mistake every celebrity author makes: They think they can write children's books," said Ilene Cooper, children's book editor of Booklist, the review journal of the American Library Association.

"Generally it's just awful, beyond awful," said Cooper of efforts by celebrities-turned authors.



这位46岁的流行天后在经历了人生的波澜起伏后终于明白了这样的道理。经过18个月的创作,她的第五本儿童书《快乐的真谛》本周在各书店上架。 。
















diva : 著名女歌手,歌剧女主角

by far: 到目前为止

teeny: 极小的,极微的

catchy: attractive or appealing(动人的,迷人的,令人难忘的)

cavort: to bound or prance about in a sprightly manner; caper(以活泼的姿态跳跃或腾跃)

antics: 滑稽的动作,古怪的姿态

chameleon: a changeable or inconstant person(反覆无常的人;变色龙)



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· Madonna's message: money can't buy happiness
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