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Updated: 2005-06-09 10:33

Marilyn Monroe's personal items sell for more than one million dollars


Marilyn Monroe's personal items sell for more than one million dollars
A painting of a red rose by actress Marilyn Monroe, left, meant to be a birthday gift for President John F. Kennedy and dated June 1, 1962, and a program from Kennedy's birthday celebration that took place on May 19, 1962, where Monroe sang her famous rendition of 'Happy Birthday,' are displayed at Barclay Butera Tuesday, May 31, 2005.(AP)

Personal items belonging to screen legend Marilyn Monroe, including her personal address book and a pair of stockings, were sold for more than one million dollars.

More than 200 items, including a picture of a rose that the late actress painted for US president John F. Kennedy, went under the hammer for nearly 1.04 million dollars, more than three times the expected haul.

"It was the chance of a lifetime," said Darren Julien of Los Angeles auction house, Julien's Auctions, which organised the sale of items of the Hollywood star who committed suicide nearly 43 years ago.

"There will never be another auction of this sort. This sale was a great success. Marilyn is as successful as she was 43 years ago," Julien told reporters following the sale in Los Angeles.

Monroe's personal address book was sold for a staggering 90,000 dollars, while a watercolor painting of a rose by Monroe inscribed to Kennedy sold for 78,000 dollars.

The canvass of the painting carried the inscription: "President Kennedy, Happy Birthday and again I say Happy Birthday. Always, Marilyn Monroe, June 1, 1962."

Monroe, who died of a drug overdose on August 5, 1962 at the age of 36, was said to have had an affair with both John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby.

A pair of fishnet stockings that belonged to the blond bombshell who would have turned 79 last week sold online for 2,750 dollars, while a cashmere cardigan sold for 2,000 dollars.

Other items on sale included Monroe's divorce papers from baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, whom she married in 1954 in a union that lasted only nine months.

The auction was arranged by Monroe's estate which decided to sell 298 pieces of clothing, luggage, personal papers and even bra pads used by Monroe.

The iconic image of the tragic superstar has only grown since she died, assuring her a place as in Forbes Magazine's annual list of the 10 top-earning dead celebrities.

















under the hammer : 被拍卖

staggering: 难以置信的;惊愕的

overdose : 配药过量,使服药过量



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