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Updated: 2005-05-26 10:12

Cannes had something for all film fans

戛纳落幕《孩子》夺金 “阳春”“粗砺”都是好风光

Sharon Stone, posing for the paparazzi again and again in a golden gown

Sharon Stone, posing for the paparazzi again and again in a golden gown

There was Darth Vader, breathing heavily as he marched down the red carpet. Then came Sharon Stone, posing for the paparazzi again and again in a golden gown.

This year's Cannes Film Festival, which ended Sunday, brought plenty of glitz, glamor and Hollywood moments. But the stars of the final soiree were two Belgian brothers who make small, socially conscious films about people struggling just to get by .

The Dardenne brothers' "The Child" won the top award Saturday at the festival, which celebrates stars and small art house filmmakers with equal gusto . Every year, Cannes carefully mixes glitz and grit, critic-pleasers and crowd-teasers, to come up with something for everyone.

For sheer fan hysteria, nothing this year topped the Cannes showing of "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith."

Outside the festival palace May 15, Darth Vader's breathing blasted from giant speakers. Stone cozied up to storm troopers lining the carpet as paparazzi in tuxedos snapped photos.

"Star Wars" didn't compete at Cannes. But it broke box office history by selling more than $50 million in tickets in a single day in the United States alone. Most moviemakers at Cannes would be delighted to make that sum worldwide in their entire theatrical run.

"The Child," the realistic, wrenching story of a petty crook suddenly faced with fatherhood, isn't one for the multiplex. Even in Europe, it's not likely to draw huge crowds. Some 70 percent of ticket sales here are for American movies.

But a win at Cannes can nonetheless bring bigger audiences and help independent filmmakers maintain their artistic freedom.

"We haven't come back down to earth yet," a beaming Jean-Pierre Dardenne said after winning the award with his brother, Luc.

As usual, the ceremony brought surprises - although nothing as dramatic as Michael Moore's win last year with "Fahrenheit 9/11," his assault on the White House.

Critics appreciated "The Child," but it didn't look like a front-runner going into the awards. It beat out a few North American movies with stronger commercial prospects.

Jim Jarmusch's "Broken Flowers," starring Bill Murray as a middle-aged Lothario, took second place. Another critical favorite, David Cronenberg's "A History of Violence," with Viggo Mortensen as a small-town dad protecting his family from mobsters, was overlooked.


















get by: 勉强度日;生活

: vigorous enjoyment; zest(兴致勃勃;热情)

cozy up to: 奉承,讨好

storm trooper : 纳粹党突击队员,这里指代克隆人军队

beaming: 喜气洋溢的,眉飞色舞的

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