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Updated: 2005-05-25 16:51

Jang Nara popular with police


Jang Nara popular with police

Jang Nara popular with police

Singer/actress Jang Nara, who is filming the 150-episode Chinese epic drama "Tricky Rough Princess,"(刁蛮公主) has captivated the hearts of the Chinese security police typically known for their discipline and strictness.

A person from the drama's production crew who accompanied the actress on May 14-16 in Shenyang, China said he was stunned to see that the security police who came to maintain public order outnumbered journalists who had come to cover Jang.

"Dozens of journalists flocked to the filming set. But once public order was established, the security police were busy taking pictures with Jang with their camera phones. It was yet additional proof of Jang's popularity in China," said a person from the production crew.

The production team said Jang was having fun working with her fellow actor in the drama, Alec Su You Peng. Jang has been teaching Su Korean culture while he teaches her Chinese. Their teamwork is perfect to the extent that Su can mimic anything Jang shows him.

"Tricky Rough Princess" is a love story about a princess of the vanquished Zhou Dynasty and a prince of the Dang Dynasty, which invaded and conquered the Zhou Dynasty. Jang, who is currently filming the first 30 episodes of part one of the drama, has drawn significant attention from the Chinese media for her charming personality. Some 150 journalists from Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China attended a press conference on the drama's production on May 10 in Jiangxi.




outnumber : 数目超过,比……多

vanquished: 被征服的,被击败的


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