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Daughter seeks parents 50 years later
By Li Fangchao (China Daily)
Updated: 2005-05-21 06:55

HARBIN: A 50-years old Harbin woman is now seeking her biological parents after her foster parents died.

Meng Qingling recently poured out her heartfelt story to local media with the hope of finding her true parents who left her after she was born.

Meng was later adopted by the foster parents, who could not have children of their own.

Meng's foster father, Meng Xianhua, who worked in the Harbin Motor Company, passed away more than 20 years ago.

And Meng's foster mother, Cui Hongxiu, died of a sudden illness nearly seven years ago, leaving little trace of the identity of Meng's real parents.

Meng knew early in childhood that she was not born by her foster parents from overhearing talk among neighbours.

Meng was "treated very well" by her family. but always longed to know her true parents.

She never dared to ask them, although she almost mustered up the courage a few times over the years. She finally faltered over fear she might hurt their feelings.

However, after her foster mother died, Meng grew too curious and missed her real mother.

And she considers it a pity her foster mother died suddenly without telling her more about her real mother.

Meng only knows that she was born on February 24, 1955 in the No 16 of Shangyou Street of Daoli District.

And Meng came up with a dim impression that a man and a woman once came to see her when she was playing on the ground in the primary school.

"They might be my real parents," She said, "But I was too young to remember what they said at that time."

Meng's story prompted great attention when it was published.

A woman surnamed Fu, not her real name, came up with what she knew after she saw the story in the paper.

Fu, 60 years old now, used to live in the neighbourhood near Meng's house at that time.

She recalled that it was a snowy winter day just before Spring Festival in 1955 when Meng's mother came to her foster parents' home.

Fu said that Meng's mother was "very pretty with two nice goat-horn plaits" and had "nice voice" and "was already heavily pregnant with a pronounced belly."

As a little girl at that time, Fu used to go to see "the pretty baby" after Meng was born.

Her mother left about two weeks after Meng was born. "That night Meng cried very hard," Fu recalled.

Fu said that she heard later that Meng's grandfather was a leader in his village in the suburbs of Harbin and Meng's mother was swept out of the home after she was found pregnant before marriage.

She then came to stay with her aunt in the city who introduced Meng's foster parents to her.

Meng's real parents later got married and came back to see Meng several times, but did not reclaim her, according to Fu.

Meng's foster parents then moved several times during those years and completely lost contact with her real mother.

Ge Legong, one of Meng's classmates, also saw the story and said that he remembered that Meng's parents were dressed in Korean ethnic clothes when they came to see her and seemed like rich people.

And Ren Guohong, chief editor of Heilongjiang News, a local Korean-language newspaper, offered to help when he heard Meng's parents might be Koreans and said he hopes they are still around.

"Meng's real mother is only about 70 years old if she is alive," he said, "There is chance that she would see her story."

"No matter for what reason they abandoned me, I will not blame them," Meng said. "I just want to have a good look at them."

(China Daily 05/21/2005 page3)

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