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Air traffic turnover jumped to the world's 3rd
(People's Daily Online)
Updated: 2005-05-20 15:30

As learned from the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, the latest statistics of the International Civil Aviation Organization showed that the traffic turnover of Chinese airlines in 2004 moved up to the third from the 5th in the world following the US and Germany, as a result of an amazing 36 percent rise over the previous year.

If the record of HK and Macao SARs is added into the turnover log of 24.076 billion ton/kilometers, China will be ranked the 2nd in the world, second only to the US.

In 2004, the transportation turnover of Chinese airliners on international routes increased by 41 percent, pushing the place in the world up to the 10th from the 12th.

Both cargo freight and passenger turnover take the 3rd place in the world which stood at the 6th and 5th in 2003.

The latest statistics of the International Civil Aviation Organization also has confirmed that the world civil aviation experienced one of the fastest growth paces in 2004 which witnessed an average rise of 13 percent for traffic turnover.

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