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China not a threat to world energy security
Updated: 2005-05-18 08:51

The Chinese government will abide by the basic policy of relying mainly on domestic energy supplies, not menacing world energy security, said Ma Kai, minister of the State Development and Reform Commission in Beijing Tuesday.

Ma made the remark at the ongoing 2005 Fortune Global Forum. In 2004, 94 percent of China's energy consumption hinged on domestic supplies, he said.

"China's development has not been and will not be a threat to world energy security."

China is both a large energy consumer and producer, and its abundant coal resources are the crux of China's energy structure, he said.

Coal makes up 76 percent of China's energy production and 68 percent of its consumption, he said.

China still has a huge domestic potential in domestic energy supply with two thirds of hydroelectric resources, many more coal resources and other new sources of energy yet to be tapped in the country, he said.

China is striving to set up an energy-saving society through technological innovation and industrial structure optimization, he said.

"The fundamental solutions to China's energy problem are making economical use a priority and a combination of developing new resources and energy saving mechanisms," he said.

Official statistics show that in 2004, China consumed 45 percent less energy to achieve 10,000-yuan gross domestic product than in 1990, saving energy equaling 700 million tons of standard coal.

Hydroelectric resources totaling 400 million kilowatts can be economically tapped in China. The country also has wind energy of one billion kilowatts and plentiful solar energy and methane resources.

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