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Iran's resumption of enrichment activities definite
Updated: 2005-05-15 14:06

A top Iranian nuclear negotiator said Saturday in Vienna that Iran would definitely resume some uranium enrichment activities, urging the European Union (EU) to "abandon threats," the official IRNA news agency reported.

"Iran's decision regarding resumption of Isfahan facility's activities is definite," Sirous Nasseri, head of the Iranian nuclear negotiating team, was quoted as saying in an exclusive interview.

"The activities of this facility can not remain suspended further since it has the least sensitivity in terms of the nuclear fuel cycle and therefore it must not be the cause of any concern and threat for the Europeans," the negotiator said.

Nasseri referred to the uranium conversion facility near the central city Isfahan, in which uranium ore concentrate, known as "yellowcake," is converted into uranium gas in preparation for enrichment.

Enriched uranium can be used for generating electricity as well as building nuclear weapons.

Nasseri's remarks came after the Europeans warned Iran of "serious consequences" and British Prime Minister Tony Blair elaborated the message as possible referral of Iran's case to the UN Security Council if Tehran resumes the declared activities.

Nasseri, dismissing the EU warning, said that the country had delayed the resumption only "for several days."

"The Europeans, and better than all Mr. Blair, well know that any threats on the part of Europe, leading to a confrontation with Iran, will be a big strategic blunder for Europe," Nasseri said, stressing that the confrontation would hurt the Europeans the most.

"Our final advice to the Europeans is that they put aside the language of threat since this will benefit them in the first place," Nasseri added.

Nasseri arrived in Vienna on Wednesday on a reported mission of submitting a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency, in which Tehran officially informed the agency of the resumption.

Iran, currently in talks with the EU on its nuclear issue, has blamed the EU for the prolonged negotiations and threatened to resume part of uranium enrichment activities, which it suspended last November to build international confidence.

Washington and the EU have both warned Iran against the sensitive move.

The United States has accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons, but Iran rejected the charge as politically motivated.

Tehran insists that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposesand it will never give up its rights for nuclear energy.

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