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Court affirms 29 well-known trademarks
(People's Daily Online)
Updated: 2005-04-30 14:29

The Supreme People's Court has affirmed a total of 29 well-known trademarks since they began to affirm well-known trademarks in trial of disputes over trademark and domain name in 2001. The 29 well-known trademarks include "Sinochem," "Rolex," "Honghe," "Safeguard," "Wal-Mart," "Dupont," "Nippon," "Gome Electronics," and "Ping'an."

By affirming well-known trademarks, the people's court strengthens judicial protection for well-known trademarks and legal rights of obligees. In the meantime, the affirmed well-known trademarks further boost formation and development of enterprise's intangible assets and bring about business opportunities. The practice has resulted in satisfactory social and legal effect.


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