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2005 Boao Forum for Asia closed
Updated: 2005-04-24 20:23

Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) annual conference 2005 closed on Sunday in Boao, a small scenic town in China's southernmost island province of Hainan.

Over 1,200 senior politicians, scholars and business people from Asia and the other parts of the world attended the conference, with the theme of "Asia searching for a win-win deal."

Jia Qinglin, chairman of National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China's top advisory body, delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the BFA annual conference on Saturday.

During the two-day conference, the representatives held discussions on Asian integration, China's peaceful rise, energy, corporate governance as well as real estate and automobile industry.

The conference also came up with the first-ever report on Asian integration since the establishment of the BFA. The forum has been viewed as a platform for exchange of views among top leaders of government and businesses on vital issues and areas.

BFA will host a global CEO summit in Shenzhen, a boomtown in South China's Guangdong Province in November this year, said BFA secretary general Long Yongtu.

BFA was initiated by former Prime Minister of Australia Robert James Lee Hawke, former President of the Philippines Fidel Ramos, and former Prime Minister of Japan Hosokawa Morihiro in 1998.

It was officially established on Feb. 27, 2001, with the Declaration on the BFA adopted by delegates from 26 founding member countries, and the first BFA annual conference was held in April 2002.

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