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People urged to shun unauthorized marches
Updated: 2005-04-21 21:13

A spokesman for China's Ministry of Public Security Thursday asked the public not to attend unauthorized marches and protests or spread messages that instigate such events.

The spokesman said the ministry fully understands the patriotic sentiments of the masses of people, including students, that participated in the recent spontaneous protest demonstrations in Beijing and Shanghai over Japan's offensive attitude toward its own aggressive history and behavior that has hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.

"We hope Japan will seriously respond to the concern of the Chinese people, properly handle relevant issues and stop doing things hurting the feelings of the Chinese people," he said.

The public security departments and other relevant units have done a great deal to maintain social order and ensure the safety of Japanese agencies and nationals in China, and that the masses of people and students in general marched rationally, the spokesman said.

"But a very few idlers, including some vandals, took the chance to destroy public and private property and disrupt social order. Such acts have impaired China's image and violated the law," he said.

In accordance with Chinese laws and rules on holding parades and marches, all demonstrations have to be approved by the public security departments before they are held.

"Marches held without approval from public security departments, including those held not in compliance with the approved plans, and acts in marches that disrupt public security or seriously sabotage social order all constitute violations of the law," he said.

It is also illegal to sponsor marches and protests through spreading messages from the Internet and short message service ( SMS) of mobile phones without approval of the public security departments, the spokesman said, adding that public security departments would mete out tough blows at people who conduct vandalism in marches.

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