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Hu advocates to build harmonious society
Updated: 2005-04-17 11:21

Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has advocated the "Scientific Concept of Development," so as to ensure a greater boost to an overall development of the socialist economy, politics and culture and "building of a harmonious society" in the country.

Hu, who is also the president and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC), spoke his view at Friday's panel held by the Political Bureau (Politburo) of the CPC Central Committee, the 21st such meeting for the Politburo.

At the meeting, Politburo members discussed a number of issues regarding China's economic and social development, while they heard lectures by two researchers, Liu Shijin from the State Council Development Research Center and Chen Dongqi with the Macro-Economics Institute of the State Development and Reform Commission. Hu presided over and addressed the panel.

Since China launched its reform and opening up drive in the late 1970s, the country has completed the first two stages of its three-phase development plan as its people's living standards has reached a well-off level and the country's integrated power and international status have been enhanced remarkably, thanks to the implementation of Deng Xiaoping's strategy on development, Hu said.

He urged people to be "clear-minded that China will remain at the initial stage of socialism, featuring with the contradiction between people's material and cultural demands and the backward social production being the main social contradiction in the country. To concentrate powers for the development of social productivity is the fundamental way to resolve this major contradiction."

He pledged to adhere to Deng Xiaoping Theory and the "Important Thought of Three Represents" as the guiding ideology.

Hu called for "taking a new industrialization road, trying harder efforts to resolve problems concerning farmers and rural development, and increasing the capabilities of innovation in science development."

China "should not hesitate" in promoting the reform and opening-up drive, he said. "The country should enhance its level of opening up to the outside world to make a full use of domestic and international markets."

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