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People urged to maintain social stability
Xinhua  Updated: 2005-04-17 11:17

China's leading national newspaper, People's Daily, carried a signed article Sunday calling for the Chinese people to maintain social stability for the building of a harmonious society.

"Today's world is not placid and there exist frictions and problems of various kinds; our endeavor to boost reform and construction is far from being a plain sailing as we are faced with all sorts of difficulties," says the article.

"These contradictions and problems can only be settled in an orderly manner by abiding by the law and with a sober mind," it says.

The article stresses that maintaining social stability is the precondition and foundation for the building of a harmonious society, the most important experience China has learned from its modernization drive.

It attributes the country's rapid economic growth, increase of the nation's overall strength, progress in people's living standards and the rising prestige of China in the international arena in the past two decades to China's stable social order, which "should be cherished with redoubled efforts."

It quotes late leader Deng Xiaoping as saying that stability is of "overriding importance" in solving all of China's problems.

"We should cherish and maintain social stability the same way we protect our eyes," says the article.

The article also underscores the importance of rule of law in dealing with various issues in the country. "Handling of all issues in an orderly manner and in accordance with the law is crucial for the national effort to maintain social stability and realize social harmony."

"Maintaining social harmony and stability is in the fundamental interests of the nation and the people, and promoting social harmony and safeguarding social stability is the responsibility ofevery citizen," the article says. "So long as we unite as one and make concerted efforts to this end, there will be no difficulties that we cannot overcome."

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