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Beijing women most confident about bodies: survey
Updated: 2005-04-08 15:33

What are the characteristics of the female figure in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Taipei?

Are women in these cities satisfied with their bodies? An underwear company conducted a survey seeking to answer just such questions.

The results: Beijing women have the biggest chests; Guangzhou women have the slimmest waists; Shanghai women have the firmest breasts; while Taipei women have "hot," well-proportioned figures.

The survey shows that Beijing women are most confident about their bodies. 13% of Beijing women who participated in the survey say that they are not at all dissatisfied with their bodies. Although Beijing women have the thickest waists, 36% of them say they are satisfied with theirs, the highest rate of satisfaction in the four cities.

Shanghai women have the smallest breasts, but the biggest numerical difference between bust size and under bust size. This means that they have the most beautiful, firmest breasts and do not suffer from "thick back".

Guangzhou women are the least satisfied with their thighs. However, they have the slimmest waists and have well-proportioned figures. Guangzhou women's figures are as "hot" as those of Taipei women.

Taipei women are the least satisfied with their bodies. They are the most concerned about having flabby and pendulous breasts, portly bellies, saggy and flabby hips and cellulite blemishes. They yearn for round and raised hips like those of western women.

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