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Paralyzed panda in good care
Updated: 2005-04-08 09:06

Vets and forestry workers in northwestern Shaanxi Province are working to save a male giant panda who is suffering from paralysis.

China will implant high-tech identification tags into all its captive pandas in an effort to better monitor the population and prevent inbreeding, the Xinhua news agency says. [Reuters]

The panda, found by two forestry workers on patrol at Changqing Nature Reserve last Monday, was sent on Wednesday to the Xijing Hospital affiliated to the No. 4 Medical University of the Chinese People's Liberation Army in the provincial capital Xi'an, where leading vets, orthopedists and neurosurgeons had a consultation overnight.

A checkup revealed that the panda suffers from fractures in the thoracic vertebra and that a cataract has blinded his right eye.

Doctors said the panda probably fell off a cliff during a fight with another panda about 20 days ago, because its wounds are not new.

Doctors are yet to decide whether they will operate on the panda immediately because it looks scared and uncooperative.

The panda is between 19 and 21 years old, approximately 42 to 52 years old for humans, the vets say.

The Changqing Nature Reserve in Yangxian County at the foot of the Qinling Mountain Range is home to at least 100 wild giant pandas.

Wei Pengli, an official with the reserve, said male pandas often fight over female pandas during the mating season in spring.

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