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Sofia: Tom Cruise and me
Updated: 2005-03-31 14:54

It looks like Tom Cruise's new squeeze could well have picked up the skills of how to bat off the media.

Sofia Vergara & Tom Cruise
Colombian actress, Sofia Vergara, has been romantically linked to the Hollywood star in recent weeks - but she's revealed that all is not as it seems.

Instead, the Soul Plane star has admitted that, although she's struck up a friendship with Tom, it's not as full-on as reports suggest.

According to pagesix.com, Sofia said: "I've only known Tom for a very short time. It's funny because the media creates what they want to create."

She went on to give a sneaky peek at her sense of humour, adding: "And according to them, Tom is in a full-fledged, sexual relationship with the most irresistible woman in the world - me!"