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Updated: 2005-03-16 10:55
Fans hope to save New York hotel

百年老饭店即将关闭 纽约热心民众极力挽救

Fans hope to save New York hotel
Fans hope to save New York hotel

Celebrities, labour unions and ordinary fans are joining forces to try to save one of New York's most famous hotels.

The Plaza Hotel is due to close down on 30 April, and to be turned into a department store, apartments, and a smaller "boutique" hotel.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is leading a rally to save the hotel on Monday, with actress Susan Sarandon also expected.

Built in 1907, the hotel has 805 rooms and employs about 950 staff - many of whom have joined the protests. A standard room can be obtained for $580 (£300).

The presidential suite costs $15,000 (£7,850), but does sleep 10, and comes with its own chef, a 2,000-bottle wine cellar, and a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce.

The famous building - the only US hotel to be designated a national landmark - hosted the wedding of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones in 2000.

The French Renaissance-style hotel was also where International Olympic Committee delegates were put up last month during their visit to assess the city as a potential host for the 2012 games.

The hotel was bought in October by Elad Properties, an Israeli developer hoping to take advantage of the booming property market in Manhattan, where luxury apartments are selling for an average of $1.2m each.

But fans of the old building are vowing to stop it. They are attempting to have the interior of the hotel given landmark status so its use cannot be changed.

Besides the celebrity regulars, the braided doormen and the waiters, the hotel is also set to be missed by New Yorkers.

Kristin Perkins said she had come to the hotel for possibly the last time, to celebrate Terry Trebling's 47th birthday, and to bring along five-month-old Grace.

"We come to the Plaza for tea on our birthdays," Ms Perkins told London's Times newspaper.

"So we heard the place was closing and we were very, very sad. We had to bring Grace along because she will never see it again. It is such a shame." 


社会名人、工会组织和普通的热心民众联合起来,呼吁当局保留纽约最著名的饭店之一——Plaza Hotel。

Plaza Hotel原定于4月30日关闭,随后将被改建为百货商场、公寓楼和一个规模较小的“精品”旅馆。

本周一,牧师耶西·杰克逊组织了集会,呼吁不要关闭Plaza Hotel,演员苏珊·萨兰登也参加了这次活动。

Plaza Hotel始建于1907年,内有805个房间,大约950名员工,很多员工都参与了抗议活动。Plaza Hotel标准间的价格是每间580美元(300英镑)。








帕金斯告诉伦敦《泰晤士报》:“生日那天我们来Plaza 喝茶。”




landmark: a prominent identifying feature of a landscape(地标,标志性建筑)

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